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What's your favorite size giantess? 

64 deviants said Giga ( feet cover a whole city)
41 deviants said Giantess (just as tall as the tallest building)
36 deviants said Goddess (almost or completely bigger than earth)
28 deviants said Normal size (you or other is shrunk)
28 deviants said Big (big as a house)
24 deviants said Mega (tall as some buildings but not all)


Goddess Charlotte's Rampage

A giant woman known as "Goddess Charlotte" has been spotted in New York City! Reports from online has stated that this giant woman has been to multiple cities and leaves nothing behind but a rubble of destruction. Evacuation is advised as this woman leaves no mercy to her victims. 

Screams echoed across the city as giant sneakers crashed down onto some small buildings in front of you. Your heart jumps as you were almost crushed by them as you look up to see long beautiful legs followed by a gorgeous body as you see her face looking down at the city smiling. Scared but also shocked that a woman so beautiful could be so destructive and big at the same time.

Charlotte: Hello little tiny ants! It is I, your Goddess! Charlotte! Remember that name well as it will be the one that will kill you all mwahaahahahahah~

She lifts up her leg as you see the bottom of her sneakers, covered in dirt and blood from the other cities she has already been to as it shadows over the street you are in as people scatter screaming, but not you as you are frozen in fear and awe. She lowers her shoe as fast as possible, crushing you in an instant, taking out surrounding buildings and people around you in an instant stomp.

Charlotte: Fe Fi Fo Fum here I come! You cannot run, I'm just having the most fun! Stomp stomp stomp!

Charlotte stomped and stomped street after street full of people as they tried to escape. She misses a car but easily bends down and picks it up. She brings the car up to her eye as the car is smaller than her eye itself.

Charlotte: Awwww look trying to drive away I see~ I don't know if you didn't notice, but I'm bigger than you. I am your Goddess and there is no escape from me. And look! A full car of a family! Look at you scream for your pathetic lives. Your lives are on my hand now....literally! I'll let you guys free on a nice vacation.....INSIDE ME MWAHAHAAHHA~

Charlotte licks her lips as she slowly pushes the car inside her mouth slowly sucking it in enjoying the thrill of the fear of all people below her. She swallows the car whole, making sure the pathetic bugs in her enjoy their vacation in her as they witness it all. Charlotte looks down on the ground to see a small block full of people. She lays down on the ground crushing everything beneath her body as she spreads it across the city.

Charlotte: Lookie what we have here~ A group of people lost not knowing where they should run, where they should hide! I'll give you that answer right now...You can't run or hide from me, well you can I enjoy your fear and feeble attempts, it really gets me excited about being your Goddess.

Charlotte takes her finger and crushes a small group of people with just one finger, as she takes her finger and sucks it in her mouth to wash up the blood and body parts stuck to it as she giggles in delight.

Charlotte: Now what should I do to the rest of you running for your lives..... Little men love boobs right? I bet you do tee hee~

Charlotte lifts her body up as she hovers her boobs over the block, shadowing the city as she lowers her body down, crushing and crashing down any building in her way as she crushes hundreds of people under her boobs.

Charlotte: Baawhhhahahaha! Pathetic all of you little bugs!

Charlotte kneels up on her knees as she bends down to a "tall" looking building as she kneels down and engulfs her mouth in it. Crushing a building between her legs as she starts chewing and swallowing bits of the building she is biting into as people fall out from the broken floor down to the ground as she bites and crushes through her way of the building with her massive teeth as her mouth fills up of people and rubble of the building.

Charlotte: Yesssss. All your little buildings with people in them are so tasty. I had a nice meal in the last city, so I won't eat this whole building. But oooooh it looks so sad half destroyed, and look at the little ants running inside! Let me help you all escape!

Charlotte raises her body up as she hovers her butt over the building. 

Charlotte: Mind if I butt in? Tee heeee~

She sits down on the building crumbling into nothing and all things around it. She stands back up to see a plane fly around her.

Charlotte: Excuse me, what part of you can't run don't you little shits understand. Now I have to eat you! 

She sticks out her tongue and uses her finger to push the plane against her tongue. Cracking the plane in half and having the people fall out as they lay across her tongue as she sticks it out. Some people fall off her tongue as they fall in between her boobs as she curls her tongue in her mouth and swallows the plane and all the people.

Charlotte: They are all wrong! Airline food is tasty! Hmm what's that, a few people fell in my boobs. Ugh disgusting pervs, ask permission from your Goddess before you decide to fall down there! 

Charlotte presses against her boobs as she crushes all tiny people in there into a flat mush. She looks down at her shoes and around the city beneath her. She has stomped and destroyed every building in the city and is ready to move onto the next one. The wrath of this Goddess has only begun as she enjoyed every city she destroyed and never grew tired of destroying them all.

Another collage of the one beautiful Goddess Charlotte. I loved making this collage and story of her as she is such an amazing, cute, destructive goddess of the world <3

Go check out her DA page right here, she deserves the attention or she will crush us all (she will do that even with the attention we give)

Charlotte's Page
Giantess Kitty Biggest Feat
Or feet, both are the same thing, she is at her biggest size where she can still rest on Earth and crush people while still looking down on them.

Kitty from

Now that you're this close... by unforgotten2


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Sup dochamps here, I am a giantess fan, aka I like giant women. There's really nothing else for me to say except that I have been a fan of giantess for over 10 years now. Nuff said I think.
I want to thank you all for loving my giantess collages. I got back from holiday and started doing requests from the comments that lead to more requests. So I am looking for more requests cause I am here to make collages that you guys want to see. So I checked my stats and I want to thank you all. I don't think I would of made this far without all of you.

5,000 pageviews
28,000 deviantion views
149 watchers
1,500 favs

Like said I am taking any type of giantess request, if you want my personal preference I prefer to make giantess pictures of the giant women in the city, I'm not much of a tiny person collager.

These numbers to me are amazing, I never thought I would break 50 watchers or get a single deviantion with over 1,000 views. Thank you all for sharing the giantess fetish and liking my poor quality collages. Thank you all.

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