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Giantess Demon Queen Meli Rises Finale (Story) by dochamps Giantess Demon Queen Meli Rises Finale (Story) by dochamps
Meli: Fe Fi Fo Fum! Here comes your queen you all better run! Oh wait! There is no where for you all to run! 

A city, untouched and not damaged at all stands below Meli, as she lifts her foot shadowing over the city. She slowly creeps her foot down on the ground as the whole entire city is destroyed in an instant under her foot as she grinds it down to the ground.

Meli: Did you see that little people? A whole city under my foot! I am more than your queen, I am a Goddess to you all!

Meli sits down on the ground as her legs and ass crush cities beneath her as she sits next a city as she listens for the screams. She lifts buildings one by one and throws them in her mouth swallowing them whole making the people travel down inside her as their lives are almost done. She laughs on the little to no effort she is pulling to do any of this as just one little poke will demolish a building to the ground.

Meli: Buildings are tasty when you have people scrunched up inside of them, it adds to the flavor! I thought buildings would be gross, but I quite enjoy them!

People ran and drove as fast as they could, people could travel to another state in a few hours, Meli would just follow them in a minute. Jets from all over started flying in as they shot everything they had at Meli. Meli starts to laugh.

Meli: Jets? Stop it this is tickling me! You puny bugs can't hurt me!

Meli stands up as she casually knocks some jets out of the sky without knowing just by getting up as they crash head on to her body with no time to escape. As she starts to swat in the air as the massive gusts of wind she creates blows the jets off course as they lose control as they crash down to the ground, some she hits with her hands and arms they explode on contact with her. Meli opened up her mouth as she sucked in all the air she could pulling jets into her mouth as she chewed them up into bits.

Meli: Even your puny jets are tasty! What am I going to eat next....

Jets start to retreat as Meli continues her rampage across the land of all the people below her. Every step she took she crushes hundreds, no thousands of cars and people beneath her feet without any notice or care. She lays on the ground crushing all of the landscape under her body as she sticks out her tongue as she drags it across the land knocking people down sticking them to her tongue and pushing builds down to the ground as her chin smashes through them. Her tongue covered in people and building rubble as she swallows them in her mouth as she crushes any remaining survivors with her finger.

Meli: Crush crush crush! With the power of my finger you all perish as I squish you all! Hahaaaaa! You all run, still knowing there is no escape from me yet you still run. Wait! Are you all running cause you know that amuses me, or do you actually all still think you can run from me.

Meli sucks in the air with her mouth again using all force as she sucks in any people out on the ground and some buildings as they are pulled in by the gust of her mouth as they fall inside. She swishes and moves them around her mouth before swallowing them whole. Meli looks down around her, surrounded by chaos and destruction caused by herself as she giggles standing up looking across the world to see more cities in the distance as they could see her across the land overlooking their Demon Queen as they would soon feel the wrath of the feet of Demon Queen Meli.


Short stories, but in the end I had fun with them, special thanks to Voddessy for posting wonderful stock images to use

Meli from

Stock Photo: Meli (demon queen) 3 by Voddessy
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uvwxyz Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
Yes, one step and the whole city is obliterated, the gorgeous demon queen Meli is totally relaxed as she mashes up the devastated city, playing with it with her feet. This is a great pic.
Bazzkorg Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
One step!!!! CRUSH!!!!!! 
dochamps Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The city is destroyed just in one step.
Bazzkorg Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
O_O There goes the neighborhood and........everything else!
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