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Giantess Ellie's Rampage Part 2 by dochamps Giantess Ellie's Rampage Part 2 by dochamps
Leaving her shoes behind she walked through the streets and marvelled and revelled at how the tarmac moulded round and caressed her feet, at how the cool metal of crushed cars was so soothing to warm feet. She bit her lip, she was loving this. She walked backwards and forwards crunching everything underfoot, she just loved the way the tinies ran away panicking to and fro in waves as she strolled to and fro, this pattern only stopped where they misjudged and Ellie caught them up and they popped and squelched under her feet, a cause of great mirth and enjoyment to her. Even as she was doing this she was continuing to grow, the cars and small groups became city blocks and crowds, which she enjoyed crushing and smearing, as she sometimes delicately placed her foot on a group of buildings, and laughed as they crumbled at her touch, a highlight was when she was deliberately channelling the crowds into the central square by wading through all the buildings in her path and then by creating a barrier with more wrecked buildings to block the way out. Sitting down crossed legs on some other city blocks, and, laughing at their fear, she then grabbed handfuls of the half million people and put them in her mouth, chewing and swallowing them. Once full she enjoyed smearing the remainder over the square mixing them with the crumbling tarmac. Oh the joy of the power over everything. One thing though started niggling her, she was continually getting hungry and now everything had become so small and bitty. Then as if by magic, a plane flew past and giantess Ellie looked.....and salivated, a perfect snack, there for the taking

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acatisfinealso Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
"hmmm... should I swat it....?"
johnn8778 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017
nice work!
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